About Us

We, Wenso, an Information Technology/Software Development company with headquarters in Manchester, UK and offices in London, USA, UAE and global delivery center in India, is a one stop software services, solutions, and products development company that focuses on delivering technology driven, yet cost effective business capabilities to our clients, empowering them to become more agile and responsive to the ever changing business landscapes, thus stay ahead and become true champions in their league.

And to achieve these client centric objectives, Wenso has coined the slogan – ACT [Add business value, Cost optimization and Time to market acceleration] – Thus, together, ACT characterizes and encompasses the fundamental factors to the way we engage with our clients, for, ACT is the key and critical business drivers for any organization to grow and become profitable ventures. We believe in walking that extra mile with an abiding passion and unwavering commitment to place our clients’ business first.

Wenso defines designs and delivers world class enterprise level business applications to renowned global business conglomerates cutting across continents around the globe. Our enduring conviction has been that success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise and more than anything else, choosing the right technology partner that will propel your business forward. Experiencing certainty with Wenso means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.

The Vision

We envision leveraging state of the art, ever evolving technologies, exploring latent talents, harmonizing critical systems, building path breaking, decisive business solutions, adding value and delivering quality results to our clients. Internally, the vision is to foster a work environment that nurtures talent, empowers people and rewards performances.

The Mission

To study, understand, analyze the complex businesses of our clients, design, deploy right fit and next generation solutions by continuous improvement of process frame work that adds value, reduces costs & risks, increase productivity, improves efficiency and ensures continuous, durable business growth and enduring success.

The Core Competency

Positioning our clients’ first is embedded in Wenso’s culture, thus it is in our DNA. Our Core Competency lies in investing in our people and resources, we bring new, out-of-box ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment. We continuously keep investing in People, Processes and Technology to bring in a sense of synchronized harmony and to be - future ready. Wenso always adopts a sustainable approach to building Core Competencies in rich, varied and myriad domain expertise. We are conscious of the fact that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem – our customers, employees, business partners, and environment.

The Management TEAM

The Management Team of Wenso come from the hardcore technology backdrop, coupled with smart business acumen with enormous experience in web applications, cloud computing, and mobile applications verticals, having conceptualized, designed and strategized innumerable business and revenue models and helped small to large scale companies catapult to greater heights.

Together they are delivering cutting edge business solutions to clients in diverse verticals across the globe. Right from inception, the team has put to test their wide ranging technology & business skills in effectively structuring right fit organizational governance, focus on growing capacity, expanding global delivery network, working towards achieving ever greater excellence in service delivery through process and quality initiatives and proactively nurturing key alliances and business partnerships.

The unique combination of technological expertise and sharp business skills that the Management Team brings to the table, gives them the edge in analyzing existing technology challenges with clarity, converging it with business insight lucidly – together they form the distinctive capability in recommending right fit, cost effective next generation business solutions and implementing them successfully.

Key Differentiators / Value Proposition

We believe we have to be different and innovative in our approach, and our methodology to make our clients’ different, add value to their customers, scale up their operations and stay ahead of competition. Here is how we do that:

  1. Improved Operational Efficiencies: Foresight to evaluate new technologies from a practical perspective, analyze how these ever evolving technologies help our existing and new clients, build exclusive teams in embracing and develop domain expertise in those newer technologies and deploy them for improved business processes. This has enabled us to deliver quality and cutting edge solutions to our clients that improve operational efficiencies in the increasingly competitive world.

  2. Ability to Manage Change: Change is the ‘mantra’ of modern day business management. Change enables companies from stagnation. With our vast industry expertise, expert delivery and global capabilities, we deliver proven technology solutions and services that create lasting business impact in terms of current and future growth & profitability. We empower companies to scale up and manage change effectively; maximizing ROI to significant levels, and delivers on their commitment to customers, employees, suppliers and other stake holders.

  3. Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Using our highly evolved global delivery model that is designed to deliver cost effective business solutions right from conceptualization to implementation with a focus to achieve maximum value from your technology investment means reduced TCO to our clients.

  4. Aligned with Business strategies: Our technology expertise coupled with deep domain competency and our willingness to go that extra mile to deliver business capabilities ensures the deliverables are aligned with clients’ business strategies.

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